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Business Law

Proactive services to prevent or minimise the adverse effects of conflicts and disputes.

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Professional & confidential

Business disputes are inevitable and if not artfully navigated can result in financial loss, strained business relationships and distraction from true business goals.

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Quick Response, Winning Results

Have a dispute you would like to discuss?

Our solicitors work with businesses like yours implementing a comprehensive and client focused approach directed at achieving winning results.

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Skilfully handling business law

We support businesses of all sizes, resolving one off issues or providing long term legal support and partnership. Our professionals are on hand when you need us most.

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Achieving the Best Possible Results
for our Business Clients

Lawrence Kurt’s specialist Commercial law team provide expert advice on a wide range of commercial arrangements.

Property Solicitors

Commercial & Residential Property

Our specialist solicitors maintain a proactive approach to property law. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current and future strategy to provide unrivalled advice for business owners, property investors, shareholders and developers alike. We are here to support you in navigating the ever-changing complexity and legal landscape of property law.

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Lawrence Kurt Solicitors offer cost-effective and professional legal advice to help you with conveyancing for property transactions or residential commercial property disputes.

Property Conveyancing Services

Commercial & Residential Property Law

Landlord & Tenant Legal Services

Property Conveyancing Services

Tax Disputes Solicitors

We advise our clients on a wide variety of tax related issues

If you are facing complex tax issues we can help. Lawrence Kurt Solicitors have comprehensive experience in defending clients who find themselves facing tax investigation cases before the HMRC. UK tax law is complex and ever-evolving, as a result, business owners can find themselves at risk of significant financial loss and stress should an issue arise.

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VAT Penalties & Assessments

Appealing HMRC Decisions to Tribunal

Employment Law Specialists

Employment Law Services

Lawrence Kurt Solicitors understand the importance of providing cost-effective employment law advice and services. We work with many employers on a regular basis as part of ongoing HR support as well as negating issues that may arise.

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Lawrence Kurt’s employment lawyers support businesses in the following ways:

Redundancy & Unfair Dismissal Support

Contracts & Terms

Written & Verbal Warnings

Tribunal Representation

Maternity & Paternity Rights Issues

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Trusted Business Solicitors


Lawrence Kurt Solicitors can advise you or your business on a wide range of UK and International regulatory issues

Our expert solicitors can advise you on maintaining or achieving compliance with professional bodies or industry regulations. Should an issue arise we can represent and defend your business should you face investigation.

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Legal Guidance Relating to Brexit

Lawrence Kurt Solicitors working with you to help you guide and prepare your business for Brexit.

Our lawyers will ensure they provide sound guidance in all Brexit related legal issues.

We have an expert team on hand to navigate you through the impending changes Brexit will cause.

As we transition our lawyers will continue to practice across all EU member states.

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Corporate Insolvency Solicitors

Corporate Insolvency Solicitors

Lawrence Kurt Solicitors offer clear advice to business owners and individuals who are in financial difficulties. Our corporate insolvency solicitors are renowned for their people focused service to find efficient solutions for any challenge you may be facing, we have the knowledge and resources to deliver first class results.

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Trusted, informed, practical advice and representation for businesses

Shipping Law

We are able to assist various international companies with the following Shipping and International Trade:

Related queries from ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Containers) to RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats)

Acting on Both P&I and H&M matters

Acting for Vessel Owners, Head Owners, Charterers, Clubs & Insurers, Port authorities and Traders

Dealing with Arbitration, Litigation and Mediation

Marine casualties and personal injuries

Collision claims; Injury claims by crews or passengers; Theft & Damage claims; Fire & Explosion claims; FFO (Free & Floating Objects) claims; Pollution claims; Wreak removal claims


Demurrage claims; Charterparty contract claims; Kidnap & Ransom, Piracy and Loss of Hire claims; Voyage/Time & Bareboat charter claims; Disponent Owner claims; Contract review & advisory


Bill of Lading & Mate's receipts claims; Buyer & Seller Contract breach claims; Tort claims as Stevedore claims; Cargo damage & loss on Navigational error claims; Cargo damage & loss on Unseaworthy vessel claims; Cargo damage & loss on Safe port claims


Arresting & Detaining vessel/boat; Insurance claims both contract and tort; Advising on Sanctioned international trading as Iran & use of armed force advisory; Islamic Insurance advisory; Offshore drilling rig and Port & terminals claims; Shipbuilding claims

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Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration and Mediation

Our experts have many years experience resolving a variety of disputes. We can advise you on the appropriate and cost-effective method for dealing with your conflict.

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